Marijuana from Good Old Home Grown to Top Shelf

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Marijuana from Good Old Home Grown to Top Shelf

Cannabis has come a long way since back in the 60s and 70s. For those of us who grew up smoking it has changed in more than just price. The level of THC has increased considerably. There used to round town brown if you were new to it or it was dry in town. There was red bud if you were lucky and had a solid connection. Then if you were in tight you could get skunk bud. With the movement in legalized marijuana getting higher and higher on the list of topics at everyone’s dinner table. That topic ranges from legal aspects to where can I get some? If you have ever found yourself asking this question, visit Colorado and visit a dispensary soon.


Home Grown Becomes Hard to Find

Good old home grown used to be everywhere. You could always find it. Matter of a fact you had to go out of your way to get something good. The buzz was usually great no matter what you were smoking. You could smoke the home grown in bongs or big doobies with no problem. Blunts were not even heard of. You could buy a nickel or a dime and it was actually 5 or 10 dollars. An ounce or a lid as they were called ran about 40 dollars. Those were the days of normal weed. Now days it seems there is no regular weed or mids around anymore. Where has it all gone? It grew up and turned into top shelf. Weed evolved. What it evolved into is amazing.


Top Shelf the Many Different Types

Now you can hardly find regular weed it has all turned to designer names and super potent strains. From Nerds, Kush, Sour Diesel to Northern lights, Trainwreck and Ak-47 marijuana has come a long way. You can now not just get marijuana legally but you can get information on the strain you are ingesting. Knowing what you are taking lets you know whether to expect a laid back buzz or an upbeat kind of high. This education that you get when you go to purchase weed legally is important in helping get the stain that is right for their needs. Also certain types help with certain kinds of ailments. The level of education will help people make informed choices. Informed choices are the best kind to make.


Colorado’s Contribution to the Many Brands of Ganja

Colorado is a ground breaking with the marijuana movement being the first in the United States to legalize recreational marijuana as well as medicinal. They have been able to offer a wide variety of cannabis to a diverse market showing pot is accepted by many different social levels of people. The ability to showcase all the differ kids of bud out there is giving us great knowledge on all levels. The growers that provide the lovely Mary Jane to people have state of the art growing facilities that are controlled and taxed. This opposed to the illegal market. This gives us a higher quality of product that is in a safer environment. Meaning you know what you are buying as opposed to a bag of you hope it is not laced weed.


Top Shelf Is Everywhere Today

It used to take time to find some kind bud. You had to ride around all day looking and sometimes wait days at a time. Not anymore. All you have to do is go to your local green cross and show your ID and you will be minutes away from a selection of marijuana that is the greatest. It is like every one of the people that work there have gone to weed college. They can educate you on what you are getting. It is a great thin for some people do not know there is a difference in the types of high weed can have. This makes weed that much better. Who would have thought that was possible! There are many famous people coming out in support of marijuana from doctors to celebrities. All of these people are helping the movement in amazing strides.


You Can Help Bring Good Weed Your Way

Do your part to help the movement whether it is for medicinal, recreational or both get out and vote! Actively participate in petitions that show support. Make your voice heard and you can help bring all kinds of great weed to your town to. The amount of money that is brought in and the level of care that people receive will get better and better. This will in return increase education on marijuana and break old stereo types. Weed has come a long way to become top shelf thanks to all the supporters. You all have made this great accomplishment possible.

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