Marijuana is a Blazing Topic in New Jersey

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Marijuana is a Blazing Topic in New Jersey

The topics of marijuana have been in the news recently a lot surrounding the state of New Jersey. It comes as a great surprise to many individuals that there is so much talk around cannabis legalization and its use in the state of New Jersey. This is because their governor is highly outspoken and a large prohibitionist against cannabis. The governor of the state of New Jersey is Chris Christie who is a low running competitor for a presidential nomination in next year's presidential election. Chris Christie has on repetitive occasions spoke out against marijuana and has outright stated that if elected president he would battle the states that have taken measures to legalize cannabis and put the markets to end. The things that we are hearing about cannabis in the state of New Jersey or rather positive despite this fact.


A Limited Medical Program

The state of New Jersey already has legalized medicinal marijuana for a limited number of conditions and illnesses. Their medical marijuana program is one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the United States. While the medical marijuana program maybe helping several individuals it is only applicable for a very small handful the individuals in the state that could benefit medicinally from the consumption of cannabis.


A Small But Substantial Victory in the State

One of the most recent victories that we have heard surrounding cannabis in the state of New Jersey is in regards to one of their medical marijuana patients which happens to be a minor, Genny Barbour. Thanks to the use of medical marijuana this child is healthy enough to attend public schools but because public schools are federal entities there has been much debate surrounding whether or not the consumption of medical marijuana should be allowed on school grounds for those minors who are medical marijuana patients. A recent judgement now allows for this medical marijuana patient to be able to consume their medication during school hours and on the school grounds. This is a great victory seeming how the school in New Jersey is currently the only one that allows for such consumption on their property.


Marijuana Legalization Was Discussed By the Senate

On November 16th the Senate met to discuss one main topic and that was recreational legalization of cannabis within the state. Early last year a state senator introduced a Senate bill that would legalize regulate and tax the consumption and possession of cannabis for adults over the age of 21. In the meeting on November 16th members of Senate heard from advocates for cannabis that are part of law enforcement, the health profession and other policy-making organizations in the state. These individuals were allowed this time to make their case and arguments on why recreational marijuana should be legal within the state. One of the main focus is that they centered their arguments on is the fact that consuming cannabis is a human rights issue and that the prohibition of cannabis is largely affecting many minority individuals and communities in a negative manner. Much like the rest of the state the incarceration rates for African Americans and other minorities for drug related offenses are much higher than their counterparts in the state of New Jersey.


A Story Worth Watching

Whether or not legalization of recreational cannabis happen soon in the state it will definitely be a story and process worth keeping an eye on. The state of New Jersey could stand to highly benefit from the legalization of cannabis much like many other states. The potential for tax revenue that could be seen from a legal marijuana industry within the state is much needed. In 2010 it was estimated that the state of New Jersey spent over a hundred million dollars arresting jailing and prosecuting marijuana offenders in the state. So not only could a legal marijuana market bring in millions of dollars each year it could also save the state in excess of 100 million dollars a year that would otherwise be spent arresting, housing and prosecuting non-violent marijuana offenders. The legalization of cannabis will happen across the United States it is now only a matter of time and process before this happens. New Jersey may very well be the pioneering state to take measures for legalization in the Northeast United States. Make sure to stay informed on this ever budding topic within the state of New Jersey and the United States as a whole. The legalization of cannabis is just around the corner now!

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