Medical Marijuana Could Help Millions Not Just a Few

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Medical Marijuana Could Help Millions Not Just a Few

Many of the medical marijuana programs throughout the United States will only qualify patients for the program if they are terminally ill. If they have an “incurable” condition, suffer from intractable epilepsy or other debilitating conditions and diseases. There are many studies that show cannabis is effective at killing cancer cells and inhibiting the growth of tumors. There are many smaller ailments that marijuana is proven to help as well, and the individuals who suffer from those ailments do not have the option to choose the natural and safe option legally as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Ailments such as nausea, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, lack of appetite and many more. If one single plant can help so many ailments, why should an individual have to take several different pills to try to combat them? Medical marijuana should not just be for terminally ill and life threatening illnesses. Anyone who suffers from something that cannabis can help, they should have the option to use a natural medication the way that nature intended it to be used. Initiatives for medical marijuana legalization should include to masses, not just a few. Let’s take a look at the facts surrounding just how many individuals could benefit from medicinal cannabis consumption in the United States.


Cannabis Could Help Millions of Belly Aches Nationwide

Nausea is the number one side effect of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. In the U.S. alone, it's estimated over 1 million individuals receive chemotherapy treatment each year. Chronic nausea is suffered by over ¾ of these individuals. That is 750,000 people that suffer from cancer and nausea alone in the U.S. that could benefit from legal medical cannabis. This is not taking into consideration the other 3 million individuals who are diagnosed with a gastritis condition each year that suffer from nausea and upset stomach.


The Depressing Numbers Surrounding Depression and How Many Cannabis Could Help

Depression is estimated to affect 1 out of every ten individuals living in the United States. The diagnosis rate for depression raises on average 20% each year. Out of all of those people, it is estimated that only 20% of them are receiving a specified treatment. If you only take into consideration the adult population based on the census of 2014, over 23 million adults living in the United States suffer from depression. That is 23 MILLION individuals that could benefit from legal medical marijuana.


Cannabis Can Help the Number One Mental Illness Suffered by Americans Today

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million adults in the United States suffer from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are the number one illness among adults in the U.S., and cannabis is proven to help. This means that if medical marijuana were legal across the nation, over 40 million adults would have the option to choose a natural and safe medication to treat their anxiety.


Cannabis Could Help Millions Rest Easier

Insomnia is estimated to affect roughly 60 million individuals annually. Insomnia tends to affect individuals over the age of 65 more than any other demographic, but it is not common for people of all ages to be diagnosed and treated for it. Despite the dozens of different pharmaceuticals available for treating insomnia, our scientific community cannot agree on the best and most reliable treatment. Cannabis is known for making individuals sleepy. The right strains of cannabis can intensify this effect. If cannabis were legal, it has the potential to help over 60 million people sleep easier each year.


The Alarming Number of Individuals that Cannabis Could Help

These are some alarming numbers. When you add it all up, legal cannabis could potentially help over 127 Million people in the United States each year. These are just 4 of the ever day ailments that are suffered by so many that cannabis could help. You have to ask yourself why it isn’t readily available for purchase throughout the U.S. It was for many years the primary medicine in everyone’s medicine cabinet. It has been used for centuries to help with everything from menstrual cramps to cancer. Recreational cannabis for adults would be wonderful, and all as nature should not be illegal, but the medicinal potential that cannabis has can no longer be ignored. We are moving towards a very health conscious society, and we are going green at every turn. Why should we not also imply this to the way that we medicate and take full advantage of this wonderful medicinal plant that saves lives and improves the quality for so many others?

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