Medical Marijuana Reaches for the Stars

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Medical Marijuana Reaches for the Stars

Many people out there today are starting to find relief through medicinal marijuana. In the states where recreational marijuana is legal, the lucky residences are finding out that they don't need those trips to the doctor that everyone always said that they did. Just a trip to your local bud tender will help many of the common ailments today that you use to be prescribed endless amounts of prescription drugs for. Marijuana has many different uses when it comes to the treatment of diseases that otherwise require narcotic medication such as opiates that are highly addictive. They are one of the number one causes of death across the globe.


Great Musical Performers that Support Marijuana

Many performers today such as Snoop Dogg are notorious for being associated with marijuana. Snoop Dogg even has his own internet TV on Ustream Live show where he is seen smoking frequently and openly discusses marijuana. This is happening with a lot of celebrities today. They are showing the power that marijuana has. These celebs are showcasing its ability to bring together different cultures and people. To do this in peaceful way, take for example Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg when they collaborated on the song my medicine. Good old Willie Nelson is at it again. This time though his tour bus isn't being raided, the IRS isn't taking everything he owns and he's not being banned from an island.Willie Nelson is making headlines by announcing that he will start selling his own unique brand of marijuana called Willie Weed. For those of you who have ever heard Toby Keith sing about smoking weed with Willie this is your chance.

Lady Gaga likes to partake in blazing the ganja before writing songs. Seeing as she is a legend as a songwriter and performer I would say that marijuana definitely has not ruined her life nor is it a gateway drug. (Unless you consider it as a gateway to help unlock the creative potential in your mind.) On 60 Minutes Lady Gaga told reporter Anderson Cooper without hesitation “I smoke a lot of pot when I write music," "So I'm not gonna, like, sugar coat it for '60 Minutes' that I'm some, like, sober human being, 'cause I'm not," she blatantly told Anderson CooperLady Gaga has an amazing following and has performed with many talented artists such as Sugarland and Tony Bennett. Her openness helps to break barriers that have been in place for years. This is something that she is great at.


Actors/Actresses that are Pro- Marijuana

Another great example of an influential celebrity whose opinion on marijuana will help change the minds of many out there is Morgan Freeman. Just recently he became unknown as an advocate for marijuana across the board. He has suffered great pain since his car injury in 2000 and marijuana has been the only way that he is been able to find a relief. He also has fibromyalgia and other conditions in which medical marijuana is the only way he finds any relief.

Woody Harrelson is another great advocate on marijuana and has been a part of the NORML support board since 2003 appearing at many expos in support of marijuana. From being a loved TV bartender on Cheers to the Natural Born Killers Star, he has made a name for himself in Hollywood. Having his support helps to encourage the support from others in the industry as well as his followers. He has been pro marijuana for many years. In the 1990s he was arrested for planting for hemp seeds. Since this point he has remained actively involved in the legalization of marijuana.


A Legend in The Marijuana Movement

Jack Herer the legend. Here is a man that stood up for us from the start. He is a legend amongst marijuana advocates. Publishing his first books on marijuana in the 70s he never stopped pushing forward for the legalization of marijuana. His blogs were inspirational and he will always be remembered as a great man and a friend to all of those in the cannabis industry. Moving on from this life he passed away on April 15, 2010. You can still check out all his great work on his site.

It is thanks to the influential ways of performers and advocates like this and their lack of fear when it comes to voicing their freedom of speech and expressing their rights as Americans. Keep pushing forward, stay involved in pro marijuana policies and be sure to vote for those who support the cannabis culture.

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