Police Corruption- Criminals Wear Badges Too

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Police Corruption- Criminals Wear Badges Too

To protect and serve, California cops take a vow to do this. We have seen many cases lately in the news of police corruption and brutality like it is something new. Those of us who are not in that privileged set of America, those who understand and experience the harassment of these supposed law enforcement officials on a regular basis know that this is a problem in America. We know that is ongoing and that it gets no attention from those that it should. False promises and the hollow words on what will be done is all we hear. Along with the notorious words, that the matter will be investigated.


We Are Investigating the Matter

This is about all we ever hear and see. These men should have been arrested immediately without any delay. Just the way that you and I would have been. Imagine if we had gone into a facility or business, purposely ripped down cameras to hide our criminal actions and then proceeded to break the law while being recorded. We would have been arrested on the spot! I've always wanted to say this to a cop you're busted pig! When I say pig, I reserve that term for you lowdown, filthy extorting police officers that use your position of power to take control and dominance over other individuals. You should be ashamed of yourself! You give the many good officers out there a bad name.


Shame, Shame, Shame

To all those out there that haven't been caught yet, you better shape up America's watching now. You will be caught. No more doing drugs while arresting people, poking fun at those who are less fortunate than you and getting away with it. The badges that you carry with you as an honor to wear and as a choice that you made as an individual are tarnished by your actions. If for some reason you do not like the choice you have made, quit. Change jobs because it will show. When it does, we will be there to get it on camera. Somebody will always have a phone to record it. There is no way you will ever pass a law that denies people the right to record police activity during an arrest. Nor will you be able to stop cameras from rolling during public displays of brutality.


The Tracks of A Criminal

Try and cover your tracks all that you will and you will not succeed. When it comes to those in power that are good there are too few. When it comes to those who have no control over everyday life there are many. We are tired of this false conception that we do not have control. That we are not allowed to exercise our freedoms and rights that our forefathers shed blood and died for. Law enforcement officers you know who you are and if you're reading this I'd like to say to you, you suck! I bet that you had no idea when you ripped the cameras off of the walls, started eating marijuana edibles, playing darts and picking on amputees that you would get caught! If you would have thought this for one second you never would have performed these horrible actions. Now it is time to pay for them. Just wait, you know that in prison and jail they have a sweet spot for individuals such as yourself. I can't wait to see the day that handcuffs are slapped on you. When you all are hauled off to be incarcerated I will cheer.  


We Fought the Law and We Won!

What about the lies that these officers have committed against others? I would appeal any charges that these officers have ever placed against anyone. They have bosses for a reason and apparently these bosses are not doing their jobs very well! To the honest men and women that protect us daily, Thank You! To the criminals with a badge, we are watching you! Your day will come and the world will see you for who you really are. No matter if it is today or tomorrow you will slip.


What About Behind Closed Doors

From cops breaking the law in public all the way to breaking the law at home it is happening everywhere. We are seeing more and more of this. It is not a new occurrence it has been going on for some time. People are finally in a position in life to catch you finally. Shape up or get out and go the criminals on the streets where you belong!

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