Puerto Rico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

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Puerto Rico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

In a move that some might find surprising medical marijuana became legal in Puerto Rico just days ago. On Sunday May 3 Governor Alejendro Garcia Padilla placed into effect an executive order that would allow the use of medicinal marijuana on the U.S Territory.  The announcement comes at a time when Puerto Rico has been dealing with a recession over the past 8 years. The benefits of medical marijuana are great in 2 major ways.  By legalizing medical marijuana it can now be taxed. This will increase state revenue and help pave the path for recreational support. Puerto Rico now joins the other 22 states in The United States of America to successfully start treating patients using medical marijuana

The Reasoning Behind His Decision
The Governor was quoted saying this about his executive order. “We’re taking a significant step in the area of health that is fundamental to our development and quality of life. I am sure that many patients will receive appropriate treatment that will offer them new hope.” He also went on to reference to the research of marijuana’s effectiveness in its ability to treat a variety of ailments. Padilla has given the health secretary 3 months to release a report detailing how the order given by the governor will affect the island.

Could Recreational Marijuana be Next for Puerto Rico  
Puerto Rico would stand to make millions of dollars very fast if it were to legalize recreational marijuana. The island is facing financial crisis after suffering the past several years in many ways.  Think of the success Colorado saw in the first few months off legalizing marijuana on a recreational scale. Imagine that was in a climate that is cold most of the year. If they were to become the first Island to say yes to ganja think of the flood of people that would come to the island. Imagine being the first beach to allow this. The amount of business to hotels and restaurants not to mention to the overall economy would stand to be epic. Providing jobs and helping to provide a higher level of health care this is a win win situation for this tiny island.

Time Will Tell and the Research Will To

With medicinal marijuana being legal it will just be a short time before we see the research start to come in. The numbers do not lie when they are accurate. Marijuana is showing to be effective where it was previously described as not. Medicinal marijuana is used in the treatment of Seizures, MS, Anxiety, Aids and Cancer. This is just the beginning of the amazing abilities that it has to offer us. Patients who would otherwise suffer from loss of muscle control or appetite would find great relief. This compared to the prescription drugs that take forever to take effect if they even work. Not to mention the downside of taking prescription drugs being the extremely long list of common side effects associated with prescription drugs.

An Island in Financial Chaos
Puerto Rico is close to becoming another slap in the face for America show yet further misuse of funds by politicians. Being so close to going bankrupt, congress does not want to see another embarrassing Detroit, on its already crappy record of serving the American people. Puerto Rico has the largest debt of any U.S state. With its credit score being downgraded to very bad it is hard to see any way they could recover from a 70 billion dollar plus debt. Cities and counties have the benefit of applying for solutions to these problems in the U.S before they get out of control. They can do this in a U.S bankruptcy court. However federal law denies this ability to territories and commonwealths.  Tax breaks that were phased out in 2006 have contributed to the islands unemployment rate being in the double digits.

This finical crisis that Puerto Rico is facing will impact all of America. Marijuana could solve this problem. It could completely eradicate this debt in a short time compared to any other alternative out there. Politicians do not seem to notice the people’s problems until they are in the spotlight. These issues are coming to your portfolio soon to change how much you are worth. Suddenly something they have been arresting people and incarcerating them for years over is ok. That is of course when it will fix their bank accounts. I find this to be kind of hypocritical if you ask me.  

The Patients of the Island
The people of the island are the real winners. The money issue will fix itself if given the chance. The real benefit will be in promoting the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Puerto Rico. They will see a rise in good health. This in return will promote a better working economy that will help strengthen Puerto Rico to high proportions.

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