Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

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Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

There are many reasons to legalize marijuana, and the reasons could benefit the world, not just the United States. Benefits ranging from environmental benefits to medicinal benefits and everything in between.


Marijuana is Medicine Plain and Simple

Cannabis is proving itself as a medicine more with every study conducted. It has dozens of medicinal applications ranging from stress tocancerCannabis consumers have been self-medicating with marijuana before prohibition and during. Many cannabis consumers do not consume marijuana for the high. Many individuals consume marijuana to help with everyday ailments that many people take several different pharmaceuticals to address. It’s amazing how many medicines cannabis can replace. Stress is a daily ailment for many, cannabis can help no need to drink or take pharmaceuticals. Anxiety is suffered by millions, no need for anxiety meds, cannabis can help. Pain from stress headaches to chronic pain from a terminal illness, no need for opioids, cannabis can help. The list goes on and on. The point is marijuana is a medicine and a medicine that can help millions should not be illegal.


Hemp Could Eliminate our Major Environmental Worries

Did you know that hemp produces 2-3 times the amount of fiber compared to cotton? Did you know that 1 acre of hemp can produce 2-4 times the amount of paper products compared to one acre of hemp? It's true, and hemp is a lot more durable than cotton or paper from trees. Trees can take years to grow to the maturity needed for manufacturing paper. Hemp is ready to harvest after only 120 days. Hemp requires a very minimum amount of pesticides or herbicides. Cotton, on the other hand, is responsible for over 50% of the world's pesticide and herbicide use.Hemp is also a great source for nutrition including Omegas and proteins. Hemp is just as amazing as marijuana and should be able to be grown around the world!


The Green of the Green Can Not Be Ignored Much Longer

The money that legal marijuana can infuse into the economy cannot be ignored. ColoradoWashington and Oregon are setting records when it comes to legal marijuana sales, and they are proving just how much the tax revenue can help local governments and economies. Colorado in just two months brought in over 6 million dollars in tax revenue for educational programs thanks to the 15% excise tax on legal recreationalmarijuana sales. In August, they sold over $100 MILLION dollars in legal marijuana and cannabis products. Could you imagine what $100 Million dollars can do when it is infused into local economies?


The Many Benefits Can Not Be Ignored

The legal marijuana industries are creating thousands of jobs throughout the states where there are legal marijuana markets. This industry gives potential opportunities to people who might not have had them otherwise in any other industry. The legalization of cannabis could help fix the issue with unemployment in this nation as well as provide more people the opportunity to start their own businesses and provide employment to others. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many reasons why the prohibition of cannabis must come to end. It is only a matter of time now. Remember to educate others and when it comes time to vote for cannabis in your state, make sure to go to the polls and vote yes because a single seed can tip the scale.


We Deserve the Truth and it Leads to Legalization

Despite the best efforts of the media, the pharmaceutical industry and our governments, the citizens of the world are learning the real truths surrounding cannabis. The lies that we have been fed from the Reefer Madness era have been debunked. We are learning the truths that have been hidden from us. We are discovering that the majority of what we have been told about marijuana is a complete lie. Our representatives are not representing the truth. Cannabis is a schedule 1 narcotic according to the DEA classification that it holds. This classification means that it is highly addictive and holds no medicinal value. This is completely ridiculous. The U.S. government has held a patent for years that clearly states that cannabinoids within cannabis are proven to have medical benefits and applications. There have been studies as far back as the 1970s that clearly show how affective cannabis can be when it comes to killing cancer cells, yet we still run for tiny donations that feed the greedy salaries of executives while wearing pink and watching thousands of individuals die every year from cancers that could have been addressed with cancer. One of the most important reasons why cannabis prohibition must end and will end is because we deserve the truth and the truth is that cannabis is amazing and should be legal around the globe.

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