Rocky Mountain High Amenities

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Rocky Mountain High Amenities

Colorado is famous for many things among its Rocky Mountain Highs. Now with marijuana legal there it has become a utopia for new business that will thrive and help feed the economy of the state. Canna Camps will start popping up along with bed and breakfast facilities all over.


Wake and Bake- Literally

 I am waiting for a bakery to open up that will let you work while baked. Thought being bakeries bake there baked goods early hours in the morning for that day. So you have to be up early. You could actually wake and bake literally. That has to be worth something our bakers give true meaning to Wake and Bake. The word play would be endless and the munchies would be top shelf. You can imagine it will be a fast paced business to keep up with and to stay fresh and exciting offering the latest concepts in indulging individuals into the amazing world of cannabis culture. Make sure that you get out trying these amazing places. Be sure to leave reviews. We need all the info we can get especially when it isn’t censored by the man! The multitude of ancillary services will be expanding greatly in the future. This will also show the ability of marijuana.


The Elegant Ancillary

Colorado for sure is going to have many 420 happy hours and a wide range of ancillary services that will cater to the amazing cannabis culture that it has helped cultivate and grow. I mean can you imagine going in and sitting inside of the rustic cabin with animal heads hanging everywhere? Sitting on the finest chairs made from hand-carved wood with metallic backing of wild nature scenes? Not to mention the elegant red tablecloths topped with fine crystal glass. Then to be served marijuana infused food. Perhaps even just food since you would actually be allowed to get high inside of one of these wonderful facilities before dining.


For Some and Not For Others

This may be for some people but not for others. Most of the people that I know like more simplicity in the places they stay and enjoy the herb. All of these fancy things that you will see people try to throw out and do with these businesses will likely fail in the attempt. The average person who smokes does not do so to do it in an elegant setting or for a once in a lifetime experience. They smoke not because it's a trend. They do it because they like it and it makes them happy. Most of the time they like to do in an environment that relaxes them somewhere that they can enjoy. 


A Little Simplicity Goes a Long Way with the Cannabis Crowd

Keep it simple people and watch them come in. You don't need to be 5 star elegant places to cater to the marijuana crowd. They are nothing like the cocaine and ecstasy crowd that our pharmaceutical America has helped to make so popular. Until next time try not to have spinal surgery with space monkeys in Taiwan and you should be able to avoid this as long as you don't fall asleep on the couch and just dream your day away. Have fun stay active wake and bake then get out and see the world.


Just the Opposite of Others- Herb Consumers

Herb (marijuana) smokers are typically a really laid back and chilled type of person as marijuana has a natural calming effect. Many consumers that I have known and met through the years tend to typically enjoy nature more than just about anything else. This is especially true when they are feeling the effects of and benefiting from the medicinal aspects of the plant.  


MJ Friendly Venues from Rock to Comedy

For those who like to partake with others or socialize while enjoying your buzz don’t be disappointed because MJ friendly venues are popping up everywhere. These venues and shows range from rock concerts all the way to comedy shows. Keep in mind though in all states where marijuana is legalized, it is still a crime to consume in public so be careful as you do not want to violate any existing laws. Most of these venues and shows are not simply stating “come here to my public venue and smoke marijuana” but they are saying that they will turn their heads to such activities but cannot be held reliable if law enforcement contacts you directly in question.

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