Skunk Bud and Its Tangled Web

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Skunk Bud and Its Tangled Web

Perhaps you've heard of the notorious skunk bud but do you know the story that surrounds this incredible strain of marijuana? There is a tale that is told that is indecisive. Where does skunk actually come from no one may never know the truth. What we do know about skunk is that it is an Indica strain of cannabis that was brought into the west coast somewhere between the sixties and seventies. California was known for growing premium marijuana. The cannabis that was grown throughout California was known and revered for being some of the finest marijuana on the planet. Back in the 1940s a group was started that went by the name of the Sacred Seed Collective. Members of this group consisted of growers and breeders of cannabis that worked together collectively to preserve the genetics of marijuana as we know it. Sacred Seeds was doing phenomenal business in and throughout the seventies well into the eighties. Individuals such as Mendocino Joe and Maple Leaf Wilson helped to bring Indica strains of cannabis to the Emerald Valley.

Maple Leaf Wilson and Mendocino Joe

He got the nickname Maple Leaf Wilson because the Indica strains of cannabis he was growing looked much different than the cannabis that the breeders and growers throughout California were used to at the time. The leaves from the Indica resembled a maple leaf and the nickname Maple Leaf Wilson was born. Skunk being an Indica strain of marijuana is rumored to have been brought in by individuals such as maple leaf WilsonMendocino Joe aka Romulan Joe is another individual accredited for working with the skunk strain of cannabis. Mendocino Joe was an East Bay Area Vietnam veteran/biker that’s rumored to be part of the sacred seed collective. The genetics that Mendocino Joe could have brought back with him from Vietnam were endless. Mendocino Joe ended up moving to Canada after the big bust in the eighties of Sacred Seeds. Upon moving to Canada, he took a different nickname. This nickname was Romulan Joe. Before Romulan Joe aka Mendocino Joe passed away he was able to negotiate a deal to give Skunk #1 to Federation seeds and PR Ziggy.

The Skunkman Hits the Radar

Sacred Seeds were selling skunk original seeds, and this is the old school skunk that straight up smell like somebody had sprayed your sack of ganja with the pungent odor of a skunk. A young man at the time by the name of David Watson was on his way to becoming a controversial legend amongst the cannabis community. David Watson aka Sam the Skunkman has a somewhat questionable history depending to who you ask. Some believe him as one of the founding breeders that helped bring skunk to the masses. While others view him as a double DEA agent, who stole the work of generations of breeders and growers to capitalize on it for himself. Sacred Seeds was part of a bust that occurred in California in the eighties. The news stated that they had officially busted the source of skunk marijuanaDavid Watson was arrested but within no time at all had made bail.

Off to Holland to Make it Big

Upon making bail and this was just shortly after the Sacred Seeds warehouse was raided Sam and his group returned to find the factory unguarded. Thousands of cannabis seeds and several clones had been carelessly and thoughtlessly dumped into a dumpster nearby. Sam gathered up the seeds and clones while his team stripped the facility of lights and equipment. Sam ended up going to Holland and managed to take with him original clones from the West Coast growers as well as over 250,000 cannabis seeds. Many people that speculate he was affiliated with the DEA say that this is how he had the resources to travel with cannabis seeds and clones during a time that was experiencing a heightened war on drugs. While Sam the Skunkman aka David Watson was in Holland, he met up with Nevil Shoemaker. Here Nevil obtained some original West Coast genetics from Sam. One of those was the original skunk. That Skunk Number 1 became the basis for genetic work that created a wide spectrum of hybrids today. Traditional skunk of the past is a hard thing to find still as the pungent odor of skunk was bred down due to people getting busted while trying to grow this marvelous, miraculous marijuanaSkunk has been and will always been one of the most notorious strains of cannabis available.

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