Smoking Away Worries and Paranoia with Legal Marijuana

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Smoking Away Worries and Paranoia with Legal Marijuana

The growth of marijuana tax collected in the state of Colorado has increased exponentially. Raking in over 100 million dollars in the month of August of 2015 Colorado is proving that cannabis legalization is an effective solution to repairing a deficit. The funds from cannabis are effectively taking care of schools, roads, as well as the healthcare system in the state of Colorado. With sales at an all-time high and record breaking months since January, Colorado will see over $100 million dollars in tax revenue off of legal marijuana sales this year.


More than Just Money
That is $100 million dollars that is brought into the economy by the people in the state and stays in the state. That is an amazing influx to the Economic structure that will give way to a newly found face in American business. The cannabis industry will allow for better working conditions and more suitable environments in which one can start a business. Offering an array of ancillary services to facilitate services to the cannabis industry Mary Jane is making more than just money it’s changing lives.

Paranoia will Destroy You
The police departments throughout the state of Colorado also have seen a noticeable change in the public view towards them. When you do not have to worry about them arresting you for having a little bit of marijuana on you, the paranoia goes away that is associated to the propaganda surrounding marijuana. As the memes and pictures about marijuana and paranoia are so avid to point out, someone is arrested for marijuana possession every 42 seconds which gives us a very good reason to be paranoid. When I was in Colorado, it was the first time in my life that I had not felt paranoid. I had a quarter bag of marijuana on me, and it was legal I did not step out of the bounds and smoke on the sidewalk in public or at a restaurant. I did not have to smoke riding down the road or driving down the road. I was able to enjoy smoking when I got to where I was going, and it was comforting to know that I did not have to worry about it or look to find some weed when I got there. Colorado gives many Americans who are positive contributors to society a taste of what freedom truly is.

Slow Painful Process of Legalization
The slow progress in legalization by the rest of the state is a disappointment. It is a disappointment that they will allow our children and soldiers to suffer. Two types of people that we should care for most in our country. The children who are the future of tomorrow and our soldiers that allow us to enjoy those freedoms when tomorrow gets here. Instead, the FDA will continually improve new medications that come with a long list of harmful side effects and not show support for medicinal cannabis. They continually deny hundreds of thousands of children and soldiers a natural and safe alternative that is far less harmful than the pharmaceutical medications they are approving.

Responsible Regulation Comes from Education
Medical marijuana should be legal across the United States of America and around the globe. Decriminalization and rescheduling of cannabis from a Schedule 1 narcotic to a schedule 2 would allow for great advances in medical science regarding marijuana. For these changes to happen and reform laws to take effect, they have to be responsibly proposed. Information and education on cannabis to the public will help to break down the walls and the lies that propaganda has built. Cannabis can cure. It does not help everybody, but it cures many. Those who do not be cured by cannabis will most certainly have a higher quality of life with it than without it.

It’s Only a Matter of Time
When it comes to cannabis laws and marijuana reform, legalization can and will happen. It involves each and every one of us knowing when and where to vote and what we are voting on. When you are signing a petition and giving your signature supporting a change in law be sure that you know the full details. Many signed the petition in Ohio for Responsible Ohio and were unaware that Ian James and his group of investors intend to monopolize the cannabis market for themselves. Some do not understand the implications of what this does. The only way to prevent things like this from occurring and to allow for responsible reform is through the path of factual information without deceptive intentions. Help heal the world. Vote on cannabis when you can. Contact your local representatives and the White House to let them know cannabis should be legal throughout the United States of America. It is our freedom it is our right.

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