Tennessee Political Leaders Play GOD with Medical Marijuana

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Tennessee Political Leaders Play GOD with Medical Marijuana

In states such as Tennessee, cannabis laws are benefiting the black market dealers while hurting the state and also those who truly need medicinal marijuana. The bible belt has the most violence in the United States when it comes to Black Friday. This could just be a coincidence that it's the only part of the United States where marijuana laws are still strict. People fight over 50% off junk food and TVs but won’t stand up for sick men, women, and children. Not only is this behavior unhealthy it coast taxpayers a lot! (Rather than explain this just use your imagination.)States that have adopted marijuana reform laws that have decriminalized cannabis haven't noticed a major reduction and criminal charges. This is saving these states millions upon millions of dollars each year. Let alone the costs that are being saved by not incarcerating or prosecuting individuals for minor amounts of cannabis.


Don’t Trust Tennessee Politicians

By keeping marijuana illegal in the state of Tennessee, politicians are supporting black market pot dealers. They are selling their pot at $20 a gram which is $560 an ounce. This is encouraging drug trafficking. People are going to Colorado and California and buying pounds of marijuana on an average of 1700 a pound. Driving them across the United States to the southeastern corridor where they are sold for 4800 a pound and better. This means that on any one giving trip running a hundred pounds or so that a black market drug dealer stands to make an average of $300,000. Apparently Tennessee would rather support these black market drug dealers than support the medicinal marijuana patients who truly need access to this medicine. Best guess would be that it is because it is your local small town sheriff along with backwoods politicians that are running these marijuana rings. Also because alcohol and tobacco are so dominant in the south.


Freedom Shouldn’t Be Denied Because You Live in the South

Individuals in the state of Tennessee should be allowed the same American freedoms that citizens in other states such as Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, or even our nation's capital Washington DC. For some reason, however, the Tennessee politicians think that the citizens of the state of Tennessee are not as important and don’t matter as much as citizens of these above-mentioned states. States where their political leaders actually listened to the citizens. It is not that marijuana legalization is not accepted in the state of Tennessee. It’s that the political bureaucrats playing monetary games trying to figure out how to capitalize on it the most have not made it accessible for those who can truly benefit from this amazing medicine. It is not that marijuana is not a medicine. The United States Department of Health has held up at in the medical marijuana since 2003.


Marijuana is Medicine

In fact, The United States government acknowledges that marijuana is a medicine and does have medicinal value. However, it stays as a schedule 1 narcotic because of the amount of money that it makes lawmakers by arresting individuals and putting them into their private prison corporation. Prisoners are housed at these CCA prisons at convenient $30k to $60,000 a year on average. Marijuana consumers are not the criminals. The true criminals here are the political leaders of the state of Tennessee. Playing games with American lives and acting as they are God. However, this is only to be expected in such a backwoods state with outdated and relic state officials. It saddens me greatly as Tennessee has always been very near close and dear to my heart. The amount of men women and children that are suffering throughout the state due to the lack of commitment by their political leaders is astonishing. Even more astonishing is how far behind in the times the state of Tennessee is becoming.


The Civil War is Over Let the People Decide What’s Best For them

The Civil war has ended yet the State of TN much like other southern states still believe they know what is best for everyone! Catch up with the rest of the United States of America the Civil War is over! Domination and control of a group of people only exist to political office nowadays. TN politicians for the most (though there are a few exceptions) will tell you what is good for you and you best believe that will be the law. No matter how outdated and relic like these laws are they are enforced. It’s time to remove the racist political figures who are not racist to a color, rather racist to the poor, the sick and those who are suffering. You claim to run with the best. You should stop and sit a moment with the broken. Continue this form of political domination on the citizens of the state of Tennessee and more than likely you will experience a dramatic backlash. Sequentially this backlash will lead to the end of your career. Swindle money while you can, and continue to screw over the citizens. As a free piece of advice to the politicians I say this. Change with the times or resign from office your days are numbered!

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