The Changing Opinions on Marijuana

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The Changing Opinions on Marijuana

If you live in the United States it is very likely that you are seeing the revolution unfold around marijuana. We are seeing the viewpoints and opinions on marijuana shifting from negative and criminalizing to positive and supportive. There has long been shifting viewpoints throughout the country over the past decades. Let’s start at the beginning of the last century.


The Beginning Standpoint

For many years the hemp plant was grown and used in things ranging from clothing instruction to medicine and much more. In the early 1930s there was a shift in opinion as racial tensions became high in the US. In 1937 the marijuana Tax Act was erected based on the opinion that black men were taking white women and marijuana was the cause. One of the most ridiculous and unthought-out laws ever put in play.


The Fine Print in the MJ Tax Act

The law required a $1 tax for anyone that possessed, prescribed, used, or basically had anything to do with the cannabis or marijuana plants. The penalty for not paying the tax was $2,500 which steered most people away from ever touching it again, doctors included. Eventually states enacted laws completely prohibiting the use or possession of the plants.


The Beginning of Prohibition

It is here that the prohibition of marijuana story begins. Only a couple short years later after the US government put these laws in place. They put out a call for help for people to grow hemp to support the efforts of the current war. The movie was called hemp for victory. Are you kidding me, seriously. You took away the best thing we had ever had in forms of medicine, clothing, and much more and now you want us to help you.


The Hippies Messages are Being Heard Decades Later

The people came to the rescue and answered the call. But since, we have seen very little change until the last few years. The 1960s and 70s marijuana was considered a thing for the hippies. Hippies were one of the most misunderstood individuals ever. They weren't just high and talking out their heads. Many of them had very sound political views and we're trying to make the truth seen surrounding this amazing plant. Yet all they received was being shunned by their government and no answers to their calls.


The Pioneer Medical Marijuana Program

In 1996 California took a big step in implementing a legal medical marijuana program. This was the greatest leap ever taken towards ending the Prohibition of marijuana. Since 1996 and this epic step there have been 23 states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Four states that have legalized it on a recreational basis and are working to regulate it for purchase for adults age 21 and older. There are also many other states and cities across the country that have taken appropriate steps to decriminalize possession and use of this plant. It is even now legal in the nation’s capital.


Why the Positive Change Now?

So if you're like me you're probably asking yourself why the drastic change so sudden. This is a great question and I can only think of 2 reasons. The first being the green, not the buds but the money that can be made from it. Face it the US economy is collapsing and the government needs a helping hand. They looked to us when they needed saving and help in the war efforts. They are using our desires this time to feed their pockets.


The Other Possibility

The other (much happier) reason is that we are seeing the medical benefits from marijuana and its derivatives such as CBD. There are hundreds of illnesses and symptoms that can be addressed using marijuana. That’s right hundreds. There isn't a single pharmaceutical drug that can say that. I’m not just talking about little things like nausea or lack of appetite either. There is scientific proof that marijuana can help with things such as some Cancers and Aids/HIV. These are two of the biggest killers in history. So no matter the reason it is great to see this epic shift of opinions towards the herb. With our voices and our votes we can end prohibition once and for all.


Keep Fighting

No matter what the reason is we are happy to see this change. Recent reports are showing that over ¾ of our country now supports the legalization of marijuana on at least a medical level. This is absolutely incredible. We recently had another victory to celebrate and that is medical marijuana research now has no barriers thanks to the White House and their recent efforts. We must keep this momentum and keep fighting until this injustice on Mary Jane comes to an end.

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