The High Cost of Cannabis Prohibition

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The High Cost of Cannabis Prohibition

The prohibition of cannabis costs a lot of things. Some people look at prohibition of cannabis and think that it only cost legal issues for those who were found in possession of the plant. This is so not true. There are many other things that the prohibition costs every person who lives in this country. As long as the prohibition of cannabis is still in effect there will be hundreds of thousands of individuals arrested each year for possessing or consuming the plant. This means millions of dollars will come out of taxpayers’ pockets to arrest, jail and prosecute these non-violent offenders.


Feeding the Black Market a Purchase at a Time

The prohibition of cannabis also costs the safety of citizens whether they are cannabis consumers or not. As long as prohibition stands at the federal level here will be a striving black market for cannabis. A black market means that cannabis consumers will be placing billions of dollars into the hands of dealers across the nation. This is millions of dollars that could be added to state's budgets if only they legalized cannabis. Billions of dollars in the hands of those operating outside the law poses a big threat to our safety. Not only do individuals have to conduct business in public places under paranoia while avoiding the law, they are risking their lives because individuals could lace their cannabis with a multitude of different things that could have a bad outcome.


It Costs Something Greater Than Money

The prohibition on cannabis costs lives as well. For every year that cannabis is not able to be consumed legally for the medicine that it is, thousands of lives will be lost. For every day that the prohibition is in place, another person is facing time away from their family and friends. With every day that passes where cannabis prohibition is still in full effect, people will die because they are forced to use pharmaceutical drugs for their ailments which all have a side effect of death. While many of the deaths do not come from immediate side effects suffered by prescribed use, the epidemic comes with the addiction that is associated with many of them. Over 17,000 individuals die every year from pharmaceutical addictions and overdoses. The CDC has actually classified opiate prescription abuse as an epidemic in the United States. Many of the ailments that the individuals suffer from including addiction can be helped with the medicinal benefits that cannabis offers.


Prohibition Has affected you whether you Realize it or Not

Whether you are a cannabis consumer or not the prohibition on cannabis has more than likely affected your life in one way or another. Be it for the better or the worse it is likely that it has and you might not even realize it. Have you lost a loved one to cancer, alcoholism, tobacco, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohns Disease or Epilepsy because despite what treatment was used they did not find relief? Well, then you like so many others have been affected by the prohibition of cannabis. If cannabis were able to be legally consumed for the medicine that it is there is a chance that your loved one could still be here today. Not many think about that aspect.


The Aftermath Suffered By Many

Now think of the ripple effect that losing a loved one can cause. Think about the depression, anger, and anxiety that comes with losing someone you love. Did you know that cannabis could help with depression, anxiety and anger? Well, it can. During these difficult times, many individuals turn to pharmaceuticals and/or alcohol. Both of these legal “go to” substances can cause even more harm to your life and your overall wellness. The ripple goes on and on and eventually one loss of life can lead to another all because there is a medicinal plant that is illegal to consume in most of the countries around the globe today.


Great Changes to Come

With there being 23 states that allow for some form of medicinal marijuana consumption and 4 states that have legalized the consumption of cannabis recreationally for adults as well, there is definitely a change coming. This change will affect the lives of so many. From the individuals who will finally have access to a medicine that could save their lives to the thousands of individuals who will no longer fear to lose everything they know because they choose cannabis over alcohol or cannabis over pharmaceuticals, the change will be positive. The economic and health benefits alone have been proven and should be all the proof that our politicians need to end the prohibition on cannabis once and for all.

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