The Man Behind Mr.Nice

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The Man Behind Mr.Nice

Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice was born Dennis Howard Marks on August 13th, 1945. His father was a captain in the Merchant Navy and his Mother a teacher. I bet they never dreamed that their son would grow up to be described as being “the most sophisticated drug baron of all time” but he did and he earned this title ten times fold. His contribution to positive publicity, entertainment and education surrounding the cause of cannabis is phenomenal and cannot, will not and should not be ignored. You must also applaud his achievements as a public speaker, respectable citizen and author alike. Howard was a pioneer of international drug dealing during the 70s and 80s. During this time he had connections that reached from the Middle East, stretched across Europe and extended all the way to North America and East Asia. It was said that we was responsible at times for smuggling over 30 tons of cannabis at once into different countries. For a boy born in Wales and educated at Oxfords Balliol College, this was pretty extensive.


Hashish Distribution across the Globe and Mafia Ties in the Big Apple

Thanks to the friendships that were born at college and the ones made during an attempt to fill the gap of a friend working with a Pakistani supplier, he had a great crew to help distribute hashish and this is exactly what he did. These connections allowed for him to move up the scale and begin a massive import operation where he teamed up with Jim McCann, an IRA combatant. With Jim he was able to arrange for large quantities of product to be imported through Shannon airport in Ireland and transported to the British mainland via ferry. In 1973 was arrested when a shipment to the U.S. was intercepted, he did however jump bail and disappeared. Howard was later linked to operations that tied to the Gambino family in New York.


Arrested, Arrested Again and Arrested Once More

In 1980 he was arrested again in connection to importing Columbian marijuana into Great Britain. Several more scams, another arrest and a few years’ later things really hit a roadblock when in 1988 he was arrested and he faced trial in 1990 where he was then sentenced to serve 25 years in Terre Haute federal penitentiary on racketeering charges. Howard Marks, aka Mr. Nice, served only a fraction of this time before being paroled in 1995 after which he returned to Great Britain.


Ventures since Incarceration and Release

In 1996 he released his autobiography titled “Mr. Nice” which was a bestselling non-fiction book in 1997. Still to this day the publication remains an international best several in many different languages. Mr. Nice was a columnist for “Loaded” for a total of 5 years and has also written featured publications in The Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, GQ and many others. Howard has also had short stints within the acting and singing niches over the years since his incarceration as well. Since his incarceration and still to this day Howard Marks is a voice and a face for cannabis legalization around the globe. He has stood for parliament in 4 different constituencies including Norwich South, Neath, Southampton Test and Norwich North. This was during the 1997 general election. Mr. Nice applied for the position of Drugs Tsar in the late 90s which was created by the Labour government however he was beaten by Keith Halliwell in the long run.


Showing Respect for the Nordle aka Hashish

We are very grateful today for men such as Howard Marks that have taken their time, their lives and devoted them to helping spread great cannabis genetics across the globe. Howard for sure made his mark on the cannabis culture and on their genetics as well. He is one of the many breeders and pioneers that we have to thank for the cannabis we have today. Howard Marks is so renowned within the cannabis culture that he has his own strain of cannabis. Howard used to use a code name for Hashish which was, Nordle. It only makes sense that the high powered strain combination of Afghani and Skunk Bud that was named in his honor is respectively named Nordle. Nordle has a high CBD content that in most cases is as high as the THC concentrations themselves. This strain is a great medical strain for relieving muscle spasms and generalized pain. We thank you Mr. Nice for all that you have done and continue to do for the cannabis community as a whole.

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