The Marijuana Industry and Canna-Business Conferences

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The Marijuana Industry and Canna-Business Conferences

The legal marijuana industries are making a buzz these days with more states legalizing the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana. With this new boom in the industry the need for ancillary services are at an all-time high. We are seeing canna-businesses cultivated in markets of all kinds.


The Common and To Be Expected Industry

The most common of businesses that most think of in this industry are the dispensaries to sell the product. This includes both medicinally and recreationally. Then of course you have to have your suppliers which are where the growers come into play to cultivate the product. We are seeing businesses such as Weedmaps that are providing a service to consumers to be able to locate the dispensaries. Then you have to think about all the things that go on inside of the dispensaries. There needs for things such as packaging, casing, marketing and advertisement to name a few. These new dispensaries are the entire buzz. This is also a whole new territory that we are exploring in the United States. As you can imagine there is also a need for security at these establishments.


Exploring New Territories

The markets range much further than just growing and selling and securing marijuana. We are seeing a boom in markets such as hospitality, lodging, restaurant, events and many others as well. As with any industry there is a need for likeminded cannabusiness owners and entrepreneurs to be able to network with each other. As with any other industry one of the best ways to do this is through business conferences. There have been many canna-business conferences and expos for the legal marijuana industries. More over the last several years and these events are only going to become more and more frequent as we go on.


Upcoming Conferences in 2015

Here are a few of the conferences coming up this year that all have extraordinary lineups to be very excited about.


Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is being held in Denver Colorado from June 29th to July 1st 2015. The event is being held at the Denver Convention Center and they are expecting over 2,000 attendees this year. The focus of discussion will include cultivation management, policy and regulation and infused products. There will be over a hundred exhibitors on site and over 70 speakers during the 50 plus sessions and hands-on workshops. You can read more about this event and register on their website at


Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

The largest national cannabis trade show is the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo. Their spring expo was held earlier this year and was a great success. They are happy to announce that the fall expo will be at the Rio all-suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from November 11th through the 13th. More details to be announced soon on their website at The marijuana biz conference featured on CNBC, USA Today, CBS and the Associated Press. The fall conference will feature over 4,000 of your cannabusiness peers from across the United States. The Expo is held in a 30,000 square foot area with vendors stretching from one end to the next. There will be over 50 expert speakers during the three day event. They will be giving presentations and holding question and answer sessions on advanced topics. This will help you cultivate a great future in this industry. They offer a few add-ons. Those include a private investor breakfast, a massive industry night celebration party, and a crash course for newcomers!


Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference is the number one conference for owners in Oregon. This event features the industry's top professionals, entrepreneurs and expert attorneys. Also present will be some of the top activists and politicians for cannabis law reform. Speakers at this year’s event include Judge Jim Gray, Dale Sky Jones, Anthony Johnson, Debby Goldsberry, Henry Wykowski, Leland Berger, Russ Belville, and Ted Roe.   You can see more on their lineup and agenda on their website at


Something For Everyone

These are just a few of the great informative business conferences happening this year. More are being cultivated daily in this amazing new industry. So if you are an entrepreneur who is just stepping into the scene and looking to start a new business. Or if you already have started a business in the field, there is something you can benefit from at each of these conferences. Plus it is always great to have the chance to network with hundreds or thousands of other individuals in the same market. Just imagine the possibilities!

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