The Top Vape Trends To Shape the Marijuana Industry

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The Top Vape Trends To Shape the Marijuana Industry

The Top Vape Trends To Shape the Marijuana Industry

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in 7 states and counting. Medicinal marijuana is legal in several others. These developments have led to the development of many new consumer products in the marijuana industry. 

For example, vaping devices have become popular among cannabis users in recent years. These vape trends include a wide variety of vaping methods and options. 

So, whether you've been smoking marijuana for years, or have just recently started, vaping can be a great way to try something new. Let's take a closer look at some of the biggest vape trends that we expect to grow. 

Vaporizing Is Gaining Legitimacy

When vape trends first became popular, they were met with skepticism. This is pretty standard when it comes to trends with cannabis users. 

Much of the skepticism was based on lack of knowledge. Vaping was a fairly new practice, which meant that is was subjected to fewer regulations than smoking. For example, experts were originally concerned about the health effects of vaping. 

But recent evidence shows that vaping can actually be far less harmful than smoking. This is because smoke contains harmful carcinogens. Vapers are also exposed to fewer toxins than smokers are.

In fact, for some people, vaping can have health benefits. Vaping is a popular choice for medicinal marijuana users. This is because vaporizing actually allows the pain killing abilities of THC to take effect more quickly. 

This research has led a vaping to gain popularity. As more research comes out, expect to see better industry standards developed to ensure the safety of recreational and medicinal users. 

A Good Option for New Users

While many seasoned cannabis users enjoy vaping, it's a particularly good method for new users. There are several reasons for this.

For one, vaporizers use cannabis oil, rather than raw cannabis flower. This allows vapers to be more precise with how much cannabis they are using. This is a great feature for inexperienced users, who are not sure how THC will affect them. 

Vaping is also more discreet than smoking. The devices are small and easy to carry. They also don't generate as much smell as smoking. 

As more states in America legalize recreational marijuana, we expect more new users to begin trying cannabis. We can expect that these newcomers will continue to contribute to new vape trends. 

A Variety of Products

With any new technology, there are always fewer options when the product is first introduced. For instance, when smartphones first became popular, the iPhone was basically the only option. Now, consumers can choose from a variety of Apple, Android, Google, and Microsoft products. 

The same is true with vaping devices. A few years ago, the e-cigarette was one of the only options available to smokers. Now, cannabis users can choose from a wide variety of devices. 

For instance, vaping pens are a popular choice among users looking for something portable and inexpensive. This makes them a good option for casual vapers. 

More experienced users may be interested in high tech vape trends. For example, products like The Mighty by Storz & Bickel allows users to easily control the temperature of the vapor. This has an impact on the effects of the THC.

In the future, we expect the industry to continue developing new vaporizing products. Also, these devices will be available in a variety of designs, allowing users to customize their experience. 

Vape Trends Lead to Improved Product Quality

There aren't just more vaping options available than ever before. The existing products have also improved in quality. For instance, newer vaporizing devices now feature a longer battery life. 

Also, when vaporizing devices first became popular, the devices were not necessarily durable. Vapers would often complain that their vaporizers had stopped working after just a few months. Also, since the products were relatively new, there were few options to repair them. 

Recently, we've seen improvement in the lifespan of vaporizing devices. As vape trends continue to gain popularity, we expect that there will continue to be more and better options for vapers. 

This contributes to another cause of vaping's increased popularity, which is environmental friendliness. Vaporizing devices are reusable, which makes them a much more energy efficient way to enjoy cannabis. 

Fun With Flavors

One of the most interesting vape trends is the addition of flavors. Most vaporizing devices use some form of cannabis E-liquid or oil. Unlike with cannabis flowers, it is easy to add flavors to these oils. 

These oils come in just about any flavor you could imagine, from pomegranate and blueberry to a vanilla sweet cream. These fun and unique flavors can add an extra level of enjoyment to your cannabis use. 

Like vaping devices themselves, the quality of e-liquids has also improved. Vapers can now confidently order their cannabis oils from reputable companies and know that the products are safe. This helps to create a better user experience, which is highly important to modern consumers. 

The Future of Vaping Is Customization

Recent vape trends have focused on providing more customization options to consumers. As the industry grows, we expect that trend to continue.

Customization is a growing trend across industries. Consumers are increasingly interested in products that are organic, or locally sourced, or designed to meet specific needs. Vaping is no different.

In general, consumers are simply more informed about the products they choose. Internet research has made more information available than ever before. Users will become more knowledgeable about vaping and will have more specific expectations about what products they want. 

For instance, we will likely see a rise in vaping oils that are designed to treat certain ailments. Vapers who are looking for anxiety relief will choose a different oil than someone seeking pain relief. 

We also expect to see more options for users to experiment. Just like the craft beer industry has led to an explosion in Lage, Ale, and IPA options, we expect vape trends to create many choices for cannabis oils. 

Do you use vaporizing devices to enjoy cannabis? What are your favorite vape trends? Let us know in the comments!

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