The Truth America: Marijuana Laws Must Change

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The Truth America: Marijuana Laws Must Change

When will weed be legal in my town is what I want to know. It is hard living in a country where weed is legal in some states and some places but yet not in others. Maybe I had the wrong conception my grandmothers and grandfathers had fought and died and shed blood to help build this country the United States of America. When did we let our politicians take those states and divide them into the individual States of America? How is it that a law can be one way in one state yet another way another state on this large of a federal level?

A Young Man’s Struggle with the Choice to Be Silent
 Take for example a young man was arrested for three ounces of marijuana and now is taking a drug trafficking charge. He was in a car with 3 adults which by legal standards each would be able to possess an ounce of marijuana. Making me amount in the vehicle legal. However in the state and situation where he was it was illegal. Considered a felony he was charged with a felony drug trafficking charge. No he was not drug- trafficking and this was recreational use for all 3 adults. If he would have said that though, they would have arrested 3 people for the same weed. Instead he was quiet and they only arrested 1.


 A Total Misuse of the Legal System and now he is a Felon

This is a Miss use of the laws of our judicial system. There is a better way to get money out of people without ruining their lives. From the viewpoint of a smoker I know this is what he said. From a long term aspect, to sit on April 20th on probation seeing all this beautiful marijuana everywhere not being able to smoke was hell. On top of that to listening to the police in Denver made it worse. They were tweeting about how they don't care that you're smoking weed and its okay with them just seemed a little bit wrong to me. I thought we lived in America. I was under the assumption that we all shared equal freedoms and rights in this country but apparently that is a smoke screen and a lie. The same way as the reefer madness campaign of the fifties was also a smokescreen and a lie. 


Smokescreens and not the Good Kind

This seems to be a pattern that the government is all too familiar with and very good at, smokescreens and lies. We can’t allow them to continue the smoke screen and lies and keep us from a substance that is natural and has the ability to cure many different problems in our lives today. However let them have their way and we will continue to take pharmaceuticals from these pharmaceutical giants. They pay to support these politicians that they put into office. It’s obvious to see where there loyalty lye’s it’s not with the people it's with the highest bidder and I'm not talking about the one who's the most stoned. 


Equal Rights for all States

So when will it be that in the United States of America each state within it will share equal rights? Do we have to take our government and have a complete refresh and change of our political body? In order to have this happen is that really what is necessary? Or will they waking up from there narrow-minded, idealistic viewpoints and see the things that can be changed.  The people that can be helped do the legalization of medicinal marijuana at the least?  Recreational marijuana should be legal as it was in the beginning of our great country. Back before these confused, shallow, narrow-minded, fat headed, stubborn, ugly politicians took control of our country.


It will take each and every one of us to make our voices heard. Together we can scream loud enough to open the ears of those that have been closed for many years now. They might not want to hear us but they will have no choice but to. The old saying United we stand should come into play and they should see where we all stand and where we not fall. Get out vote, get involved, start a petition or just take a trip to Denver or Washington and see for yourself just how great freedom can be. You will not only help the schools you will help yourself at the same time.

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