What Recreational Marijuana You Should Know to Grow

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What Recreational Marijuana You Should Know to Grow

With medical and recreational marijuana being legal in over a quarter of the country it is now legal in many states to grow your own personal marijuana. For many and many years this was not the case. Considering that it’s easy to see how many individuals never ever considered growing their own herb until now. Times are changing and so are the thought patterns of the individuals who enjoy the benefits from this miracle plant.


If you are lucky enough to be an individual that lives in one of the great states that you can grow your own marijuana, it is likely that you're interested in doing so. So what do you need to know before you can grow? If you were anything like me I hadn't the first clue how to grow marijuana so I had to go searching for answers.


The Common Questions and Answers

Some of the questions that I had were what is the difference between growing in soil versus growing through hydroponics? What is the difference between a seed and a clone? What type of lighting should I use to grow? What's the best way to grow to get the highest quality and quantity of marijuana? With some determination and time I was able to find more than enough information to all the questions that I had. So here's what I found out.


Growing in Soil vs Hydroponics

Growing marijuana in soil will produce a more consistent product in terms of quality and quantity overtime than that of growing through a hydroponic system. This would be commonly referred to as giving you a longer lifespan on your output.

Hydroponics also offers a lot of advantages as well. One of the largest advantages to growing hydroponically in comparison to growing in soil is that hydroponics offers you the ability to setup once and automates steps such as watering and fertilizing.  


Plant Choices and Decisions

One of the most important questions that you will ever ask yourself in this industry is “Seed or Clone?” The answer to this question will ultimately determine the quality of the product and the quantity that is produced. Both seeds and clones offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us start with seeds. Seeds are proven to provide the highest quality, quantity and potency. This sounds like the obvious choice right? Well, it’s not exactly that simple, there are disadvantages to seeds as well in the sense that not all seeds will germinate and grow.

Clones provide you with the most guarantee of producing an end product in the fact that they are already growing and just need to be nurtured. Clones also have the added advantage of being guaranteed to be a female plant as well. So now wait, clones seem like they would be the best bet right? Well not actually because potency, quality and quantity will only decrease as the plant is cloned further.


How to Light it Up

Lights had to be the easiest and most straightforward of my questions. There are two basic types of lighting that could or should be used in growing marijuana. Those are LED and CFL lights. LED are the most efficient for growing marijuana. LED lights offer the most light for the lowest electricity needs.

CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lights are another alternative lighting source for growing marijuana strains. This type of lighting is specifically recommended when in vegetative stage and when flowering. However the type of CFL you will want in each of these stages are different. When in the vegetative stage you will want the daylight colored CFL options. When in the flowering stages it would be better to use the soft white colored bulbs.


Grow With Pride and Have Pride That You Can Grow

It has been years since people could grow MJ in America legally. There has been a long fight for this right to be had. Many of people have set in jail and had their lives ruined because they were caught medicating themselves. They say Marijuana smokers are paranoid. This is kind of true but that is only because someone gets busted every 19 seconds for smoking a joint. That will make anyone who is trying to relax a little nervous. Yet prescription drugs and OTC drugs are the number one abused substance by kids today. I think law enforcement and our politicians need to place their misguided focus elsewhere. Maybe we can help save our kids from a life addicted to the lure of companies like Lilly, Pfizer, and Watson!

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