What is Marijuana and What you Should Know

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What is Marijuana and What you Should Know

When you hear the word marijuana and as it becomes legal throughout the U.S it is important to know your facts. This article is designed to give you the basic break down of marijuana. Marijuana has come a long ways over the years and it making an epic movement in becoming legal. With this movement people who have never smoked are going to try marijuana and need to know the basics. This article is designed to give you just that. So get red eye and let’s learn about marijuana together. Marijuana refers to cannabis. These two are the same thing. It is the dried part of the plant in particularly the fruit or the bud that people use to catch a buzz or get high. The chemical found inside of cannabis sativa that gives you the high that people so desire is called THC. Its real name is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which obviously was thought up by somebody in the government.


The Marijuana Train

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States if you exclude cigarettes, alcohol, shopping, over eating, sodas or fast food from the equation. People have used marijuana for many years. It has a long history throughout civilization. In 2727 for example one of the first written recordings was of a Chinese emperor using cannabis. Since then marijuana has made it a long ways and traveled across the globe across the Muslim empire and Africa to reach the Western Hemisphere. Being brought to America by the Spaniards it was used for a fiber to make rope and clothing. It has many other uses that range from soaps and oils, all the way to food. The medicinal properties of marijuana have been around and recorded for many years. In fact it was part of the United States of America's pharmaceutical collection which was prescribed for neuralgia until the 1940s. Medicinal marijuana has been making many breakthroughs lately. Chances are you will see marijuana legal in your state very soon. Thanks in efforts to States such as Colorado and Washington studies are being done about the effectiveness of marijuana and what it can treat. As opposed to in the past where the studies that were conducted were on down effects and why it was not good for you. Do your research before you try marijuana.


How to use Marijuana

When it comes to how people use marijuana, most people smoke it in a bowl, a joints or a blunt. Also you may have heard of pot brownies in the movies. Those really do exist and they really do work. There are many different animals nowadays that are derived from cannabis. You can get everything from salads to bake goods and cheese that have marijuana as the main ingredient.  Ingesting marijuana gives you a different type of high as opposed to smoking it. It usually takes longer to come on when you eat it and it is a little more of an intense physical high as opposed to smoking it. When someone smokes marijuana the effects are almost instantaneous and they usually last for several hours. Marijuana will stay in the average users system for about 30 days each time that you use. There are some exceptions to this though. Those exceptions would be things such as body weight and the amount used and on how often of a basis the usage occurred.


How does it Get Me High

Marijuana has effects on the mind to slow brain function. This making marijuana a good treatment for anxiety and other things like muscle control issues with the body found in those with MS for example. When someone goes to smoke marijuana or ingest it THC goes into the bloodstream. This affect happens faster by smoking it. The blood carries THC to the brain and the rest of your body where it is absorbed.  A person will start to feel the buzz once this occurs. Marijuana plays a key role in certain receptors in the brain. these receptors are slow down creating the euphoria effect from marijuana. To give an example of this, a military veteran who served in a combat Joan area comes back from duty and has PTSD. Receptors in the mind can cause this person to have an anxiety attack by triggering these receptors to produce at a high rate upon hearing things such as a loud noise that might cause them to remember an uncomfortable time or situation when they were in combat. By smoking marijuana or ingesting marijuana orally someone suffering PTSD is less likely to experience and anxiety attack related to these receptors while under the influence of marijuana.


Remember This

Marijuana has changed over the years as well. If you ever watch the Cheech and Chong movies you seen great big joints being passed around and people smoking like there was no tomorrow. Today smoking like this will pretty much put you to sleep. THC levels have increased substantially over the past 50 years. Not all marijuana will affect you the same so try to do your research and the best advice is to only purchase marijuana from a legal dispensary or medical professional that way you can be assured of the specific strain that you are getting and the quality of the product you are putting into your body as well.

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