What's In Your CBD Vape Juice?

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What's In Your CBD Vape Juice? What's In Your CBD Vape Juice?

What's In Your CBD Vape Juice?

A popular method of using CBD oil is through vaping. With this method, the CBD vape juice is first heated and then inhaled through a vaporizer, e-cigarette, or a vape pen.

Over the last ten years, vaping CBD oil has grown in popularity, and many people use this method to wean themselves off smoking cigarettes for good.

Have you ever wondered what CBD vape juice is or why someone would want to use this cannabinoid over other forms? Stay tuned. We've got the answers you're looking for.

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD oil is a concentrated liquid form of Cannabidiol. It's made from cannabis containing low levels of THC.

The liquid is heated and inhaled. It can be purchased by the bottle for use in a vaporizer or in a cartridge for use in a vape pen.

Cannabinoids are necessary to regulate homeostasis in the body. They affect appetite, mood, hormonal balance, pain, sleep, and the immune system.

Many users who like vaping recommend vaping with CBD oil over using e-liquid. They believe it's a healthier alternative due to the harmful substances found in e-liquid.

CBD vape juice provides a calming or quieting effect on the brain that many swear by for anxiety relief or for general relaxation. It can be used at the end of a long, stressful day at work or even during the day to calm the mind and enhance productivity.

Consumers want the highest quality CBD vape juice possible. Because this is still a fairly new industry, regulations are lax compared to other industries. That can be tricky for the consumer.

There are a few points to consider to make sure you choose a reliable brand and a high quality and healthy CBD oil.

CBD Extraction Methods

There are different types of extraction methods used to remove the oil from the plant. And the method used does make a difference.

Some methods are better than others, but some companies use the cheapest extraction methods possible. You want to avoid those brands.

Cheap extraction methods can involve toxic chemicals that degrade the quality of the CBD vape juice and reduce the health benefits of the product.

However, supercritical CO2 extraction is considered a safe method that uses carbon dioxide, low temperatures, and high pressure.

This helps preserve the purity of the oil. Although this method is more expensive, it is a healthier method.

The Source Matters

CBD oil quality depends on the quality of the plant it comes from. Farming processes, chemicals, and soil quality are factors in oil quality. If the soil is polluted, it might produce plants with higher levels of mercury or lead.

The highest quality CBD vape juice is produced by farms using organic ingredients and those who have high production standards.

CBD Oil Bioavailability

The bioavailability of the oil depends on how it is used by the consumer. Vaporizing CBD oil provides bioavailability through the lungs. Bioavailability of oil in capsule form can be enhanced by taking it with a few nuts or a small amount of yogurt.

Not all the CBD you vape or ingest will affect you. Only a small percentage of the CBD enters the circulatory system to produce active effects.

But vaping yields the maximum bioavailability possible which allows you to get the maximum effects with smaller amounts of CBD.

The higher the bioavailability of the CBD vape juice, the greater the health benefits for the consumer. The CBD strength is listed on the product label, and this reflects the active CBD in the product.

Buying CBD Vape Juice

Those interested in buying CBD oil should know that the product is available for purchase legally in the United States. There are certain regulations and guidelines in place regarding buying CBD, however.

You can also buy CBD via the Internet. The hemp has to be grown outside of the United States and is normally imported from Europe.

Pricing will reflect the costs of importing, development, testing, and manufacturing. As with anything you buy, a higher quality product will cost a bit more.

Pricing does vary among different brands. But, generally, vaping CBD oil is cheaper than other methods of use.

CBD Oil Effects

When you vaporize CBD oil, it first enters the lungs and then travels to the bloodstream. Because it doesn't pass through your liver or through your gut, the effects are felt sooner than they would through ingestion.

Consumer reviews show very few if any negative effects from vaping CBD oil. While ingesting cannabinoids can result in absorption issues and delayed effects, vaping allows for greater bioavailability.

Vaping CBD vape juice will not get you high, and it isn't addictive. Plus, you won't have to deal with the munchies, red eyes, and cottonmouth.

CBD Oil Benefits

If you are thinking of trying vaping CBD oil but wonder if it's worth the effort or the costs, you should consider the benefits as well. There are many different reasons people choose to use CBD oil. Let's take a look at some of them.

No Doctor Recommendation Needed

It can be frustrating to try to get a doctor's recommendation if you are wanting to try cannabis or marijuana products. There's often a hassle and too much red tape involved.

Often, those who try CBD oil for medicinal purposes are those who are getting little relief from their condition using traditional medicine.

But there's no need for a doctor if you want to purchase CBD oil. The products and pens are available online and are easy to purchase. They can be shipped right to your door.

Consistent Absorption Rates

It's often confusing to determine dosages when using cannabis products. That's not the case with CBD oil. If you want to try vaping, it's easy to order disposable oil cartridges.

This allows you to be assured you will receive the same CBD dose and consistent absorption rates with each use.

For those who like vaping but want a healthier choice, CBD oil is a good alternative. It has vitamins which are added to increase the health benefits of the product.

So you can continue to enjoy vaping but feel good that you are avoiding unhealthy and addictive substances.

CBD Oil Is Relaxing

Sure, there are lots of benefits to vaping CBD oil, but most users find it a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. Vaping the oil tends to produce a more pleasurable sensation than other methods of use can.

Although vaping CBD oil will not make you high, you will experience a pleasant, calm effect after vaping.

Discrete Usage

You may have noticed that smoking is being frowned upon more and more these days. Public smoking bans are expected and are getting tougher across the country.

Vaping CBD oil doesn't involve any smoke or burning. There's only a slight vapor in the air. Although there's a slight aroma, the scent doesn't linger on your hair, clothing, or furniture.

You can avoid those nasty stares from nonsmokers and enjoy the vaping experience whenever you please.

Reduced Anxiety

CBD vape juice can be helpful for those who experience anxiety on a regular basis. CBD oil is considered safer than highly addictive anxiety medications.

Many consumers find the act of vaping relaxing. That combined with the effect of the CBD oil can offer those dealing with anxiety some relief. Generally, the relaxing effects of vaping CBD oil last around two hours.

If you are in a stressful situation such as a demanding job, going through a divorce, or just dealing with the constant stresses of life, CBD oil may provide some welcomed relief.

The Convenience of Vaping

Many people find that vaping with CBD vape juice is very convenient. It's totally portable.

You can take it wherever you go. It will easily fit in your pocket, briefcase, or handbag. More people are trying vaping these days, so it's becoming quite common to see vapors wherever you go.

More people are trying vaping these days, so it's becoming quite common to see vapors wherever you go.

Vaping doesn't fall under public smoking laws either. So that means you can head outside anywhere you like for a relaxing vape.

The odor is mild, and most people find it a pleasant scent and not offensive to non-vapers. And the stigma that once surrounded marijuana-related products is lessening as people begin to understand the benefits.

A vape pen is very easy to use. Just be sure to follow the instructions to get the most effective result and to store your cartridges safely.

Medicinal Benefits of CBD

CBD is currently used for medicinal purposes and is growing in popularity. Because it has been shown to help a variety of patients, strains of cannabis are being produced with high concentrations of CBD.

It is now being used to help patients with Dravet Syndrome, a rare childhood form of epilepsy. Many of these patients were not helped by medications and had constant seizures until trying CBD.

Doctors are also treating side effects from an array of conditions with CBD - from social anxiety to chronic pain to multiple sclerosis. The list of conditions being treated with CBD is quite extensive.

Many public health organizations also recognize that vaping can help people stop smoking, and it works better than the cessation products on the market today.

The effectiveness of CBD oil is mostly known through patient testimonial. When science doesn't offer a solution, people often try to find their own solutions, and that is happening with CBD.

Many parents today are treating autism as well as ADHD with CBD oil and claim to see definite improvements.

Although its effectiveness in treating serious medical conditions has not been proven scientifically, many clinical trials using CBD oil are currently underway.

It's an exciting area of study as more and more people are finding relief using the oil.

That's wonderful news for so many patients who are otherwise offered little relief due to chronic health conditions.

Questions You Should Ask

If you are ready to try CBD vape juice, you want to make sure you are a well-informed consumer before making your first purchase. There are a few questions you will want to ask to make sure you are getting what you pay for and getting the best quality product available.

How Is the Liquid Clarity?

The CBD oil should have good clarity. Clarity indicates a high-quality product. The liquid should look translucent allowing light to show through.

You can spot a lower quality product if the oil looks syrupy or cloudy. You can evaluate the clarity as the oil is dispensed.

Is the Vape Oil Homogenous?

Quality vape oil should appear well-mixed. It should be uniform in appearance rather than separating into layers. Separation is challenging for CBD oil producers, but the higher quality products are homogenous.

Separation is challenging for CBD oil producers, but the higher quality products are homogenous.

Does the Oil Live Up to What the Packaging Claims?

This is a relatively new industry and regulations regarding packaging aren't as strict as they are in more established industries. Unfortunately, That means some companies may take advantage of the situation and may not be completely honest in their packaging.

As a consumer, you should read the packaging claims and determine if the product lives up to these claims. Before buying, you should see if the product has been tested by a third party agency or lab.

Legitimate companies producing a quality product will happily provide any results from third-party labs.

Ask the Experts

As this industry continues to grow exponentially, consumers are looking for the highest quality CBD vape juice they can find. They are wanting the pleasant sensations and the health benefits that come from vaping CBD oil.

Whether you have tried vaping before or you are new to the idea, you may have questions about CBD vape juice or other hemp products. We are experts on the subject and would love to answer your questions and help you in any way. Contact us today.

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