Whats Happening in the Medical Marijuana Community Lately

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Whats Happening in the Medical Marijuana Community Lately

When it comes to the cannabis industry and the marijuana community, it has been a very active past couple of weeks. Marijuana seems to be in the news on a daily basis with everything from medical marijuana advancements to cannabis conferences. Cannabis is a hot topic and is at the center of the debate for the presidential election in 2016. Some of the events that have happened over the past week deserve another mention of attention. In Washington, a King County Sheriff told Canada that they should utilize States lessons from legalization. In Alaska cannabis legalization measure sponsor believes on-site consumption of marijuana should be legal. In Wisconsin, the DEA destroyed the Menominee tribe's proud of him. The Mexico Supreme Court is set to the side on legalization and cultivation of recreational and medicinal marijuana on October 28th, 2015. In Maine, the cannabis legalization campaigns have united together behind one ballot measure.

The Chaos Continues on Around The United States of America

In California, the notorious dispensary where the police were caught consuming edibles and picking on handicap individuals while being filmed has been the subject of the latest forced closure. In New York lawmakers have gathered to hold a public forum for discussing potentially bringing the end to marijuana prohibition. In Ohio, it looks like Ian James and ResponsibleOhio are on pins and needles as there is Support for marijuana legalization throughout the state just not on issue 3. No monopoly for you Mr. Ian James. Do not pass go do not collect millions of dollars! In South Carolina, a 19-year-old male by the name of Zachary Hammond was shot and killed in a Hardee's parking lot by an undercover pig I mean narc. Police claim self-defense yet 19-year-old Zachary Hammond was shot in the back. Medical Marijuana rules for the state of Hawaii will not be released until January of 2016.

Birds of the Same Feather Flock in the Same lame Flock, Doing the Same lame Things

The feds in Colorado reject cannabis banking because marijuana remains a schedule 1 controlled substance. Has anybody told the federal government they on the patent to medical marijuana since 2003 meaning it does have medicinal value, therefore, is not a schedule and substance? Breathalyzers to test for marijuana are scheduled to be used within a year. There is an app to tell you whether you are high or not. Meanwhile, Big Pharma, private prison corporations, police unions, and the tobacco and alcohol industry are getting richer and richer. Interesting fact the United States of America contains 5% of the total world's population. At the same time, the United States of America also has 25% of the world’s total prisoners. There's big money and private prison corporations.

Investing in the Abuse of Inmates and the Captivity of Mankind

The two leading 401k investment companies in America currently have millions of dollars invested in the private prison sector. Many teachers, police officers, firefighters, factory workers, and others who invest in 401k plans may not know it, but their money goes to abusing inmates. Canada is on track to legalizing both recreational marijuana and medicinal marijuana. Australia has legalized the cultivation of medicinal marijuana. Mexico is voting on October 28th as to whether or not they will legalize the growing and consumption of marijuana. These are just examples to show that the United States of America is falling behind. Other countries will reap the benefits of the sale of marijuana much like the United States has reaped the benefits from the sale of tobacco and alcohol and by housing prisoners four years now. It should be a pair of the obvious to anyone who pays attention to politics in the slightest way that the politicians have had their free one with our country for far too long. They have been fattening their pockets at the expense of Americans health and their lives.

The Time for These Political Leaders to Change Their Ways or Step Down is Here

These kinds of actions must end. Within less than a century, they have almost destroyed the planet, broken the economy and separated the American people. They did not only wage this war against cannabis here in the United States they manage to infect the rest of the planet with their sickening world dominating ideals. Thankfully Americans are waking up to this deception of these politicians as well as the rest of the world. Marijuana prohibition must end and it must end now!

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