Will Ohio Legalize Recreational Marijuana

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Will Ohio Legalize Recreational Marijuana

The marijuana movement that is sweeping the nation is on an epic rise creating a new market that many say is the next best thing to the dot-com era. With this groundbreaking in Monument oil change occurring crossed our nation marijuana reform laws are now more important than ever. Responsible laws will correct wrong doings of the past as well as provide future foundations of security for patients to be able to utilize this plant at their choice.


Not All Acts to Legalize Are Good

Irresponsible reform is out there, and it tends to give control to a group of individuals or a board in particular. This is seen in Ohio with responsible Ohio. Many that are pro-legalization are not for Ian James and responsible Ohio's legalization efforts that are on the ballot this year. Should everybody vote yes and legalize marijuana in Ohio it will end in essence be turning over this budding industry and all of the potential profits from it to one particular group affiliated with Ian James. Not to mention in the process of legalization and James stands to make several million dollars


It Doesn't Stop There and Never Will

The real sad part here is most will vote yes because they just want their weed and don't care where they get it from or who's growing it. Unfortunately, this attitude will allow only 14 growers the ability to benefit financially from this incredible industry. It also regulates laws for your possession that are yet just another example of the form of control that our government has displayed with prohibition. Why we would want to end prohibition just to hand it over to another group of goons is unclear. Don't take my word for it look at the fine print with responsible Ohio vs. OTEP for example.


The Money They Will Make and the Market They'll Control

When you see the progression of states that already have legalized marijuana both medicinally and recreationally be the amount of income, they are bringing in is substantial. Many of these states have multiple growers given the opportunity to all not just a few selected by the wealthy. With an example of Colorado bringing in 54 million dollars in the month of June, it is evident why a corporate Mongol such as Ian James and responsible Ohio want to corner this market for themselves. Even the group NORML does not see eye to eye with this form of legalization. They are not alone as there are many people out there that do not want to see this kind of reform happen because it sets a bad example.



Many Different Paths

There are a lot of directions that the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana can go and all those directions she did good things for the states that have chosen this route. From amazing amounts of money being in used to the state's budget all the way to a reduction in crime and opiate addictions. Teen use is not on the rise despite previous concerns. And the educated marijuana connoisseur is coming forth to break the fascist stereotype of potato chip eating lazy stoners. These individuals are not only conducting businesses and running businesses barter venturing into a market as pioneers and leaders. Marijuana has officially been proven to have medicinal value despite all the rumors and lies of past government propaganda. This great medicine should be legalized everywhere and allowed for everyone to benefit from. The growing of cannabis shouldn’t be just for the wealthy to get richer by providing medicine to those in need. That's a lot like Big Pharma, who you would think is working hand-in-hand funding Responsible Ohio with their attempted monopoly of the state.


When the Smokes Settles

Hopefully Ohio will see past the smoke screen, however, many fear that they will not. Time will tell, and November is just around the corner, perhaps Ohio will be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana and venture into this market. The benefits of the legalization of marijuana in Ohio would be great for the individuals who truly could benefit from this amazing medication. Now some would argue that legalization would happen regardless. Many say that Ian James and responsible Ohio just seek to have a monopoly set in the state that gives them complete control. Control of the financial market by controlling all of the growers as well as deciding which 14 individual groups are allowed to grow. People argue that this is too much power for any one particular group to have again, but only time will tell. Let us know how you feel about responsible Ohio and Ian James.

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