How to Properly Clean Your Vape Pen

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How to Properly Clean Your Vape Pen

How to Properly Clean Your Vape Pen

As vaping continues to grow in popularity among the 4/20-friendly set, more and more vapers want to know how to clean their weed electronic cigarettes and vape pens. 

Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking weed because it's considered to be better for your health and a much more discreet option. 

However, if your weed electronic cigarettes and vape pens are dirty, you'll lose the strong flavors you get from vaping. Plus, others around you will notice and smell what you're smoking. 

To continue to vape in a way that's less damaging to your health than smoking, read this post to learn how to properly clean your e-cigarettes and vape pens. 

If You Use Dry Herb

Luckily, weed electronic cigarettes you pack with dry herb are pretty easy to clean.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Tap Out Excess Herb

To get started, just open up your pen as normal. Then, holding a paper towel of bowl underneath it, just lightly tap it against the edge of a table. The goal here is to knock out any loose herb that may have gotten trapped inside the e-cig. 

Why not just empty it out right over a trash can? 

You could -- but only if you want to do some unpleasant digging later. Keep in mind that many of these e-cigs come with a tiny screen of glass inside the chamber. If that ends up in the trash, it'll be like finding a needle in a haystack of filth. 

That's one way to kill your buzz fast. 

Clean The Chamber

If your e-cig came with a special cleaning brush, now's the time to whip it out. Gently insert it inside the pen and carefully swish it around. This will clear out the leftover pieces of herb that you couldn't jostle loose. 

If you lost the brush or never had one in the first place, no worries: a dry Q-Tip will work just as well. 

However, one thing you need to be careful of? Remember that the bottom of your e-cig contains a delicate, small coil. If you mess that up, then your pen/e-cig will essentially be rendered useless. So, use delicate strokes and go slowly. 

Polish The Screen

Remember that glass screen we mentioned earlier? 

Well, it needs a good cleaning as well. 

Grab a whiskey-sized glass and drop the glass screen inside of it. Then, pour some rubbing alcohol into the glass, stopping when the screen is entirely submerged. 

This step helps you to get rid of anything that's dried and hardened on the screen itself, and it's a great way to ensure that you'll get clean hits every time you vape in the future. 

You can let it sit in the glass for about 5 minutes while you get down another whiskey glass and take a break, or you can proceed to the next step while it soaks. 

Focus On The Threads

Grab another Q-Tip (even the cleaning brush your e-cig/vape pen came with may be too harsh for this step.) Give it a quick dip inside the rubbing alcohol you have on hand. 

Next, turn your pen's chamber upside-down, and clean out the threaded tip of your chamber by circling your Q-Tip around the edges. This will get rid of any sticky junk that's stuck -- meaning your pen will be much easier to assemble the next time around. 

After the gunk is gone, flip the Q-Tip over and dry the area using the same circular motions you did to get it clean. 

Lock And Load

That screen you let relax in a glass of rubbing alcohol? Now's the time to set it free. 

Let it dry out on its own on a paper towel for a few minutes. If you're in a rush, you can dry it with a Q-Tip, but if you're not careful, you can risk damaging it. 

After it's dry, but everything back together again, and you're good to go!

If You Use E-Juice, Oil, Or Concentrates 

In this case, the cleanup process is going to be a little more complicated -- so some patience is required. Oils are great for your high, but can be tricky to clean.  

Follow this steps to keep your weed electronic cigarettes and vape pens in tip-top shape:

Start With The Threading

Unlike our dry herb cleaning process, here you actually want to start by cleaning the top half of your pen -- the one that links up with the mouthpiece. 

You'll still use the same materials as you would in the dry herb cleaning process, so bust out that rubbing alcohol and a pack of Q-Tips. 

Add a little rubbing alcohol to the Q-Tip, and then turn the top half of the pen upside-down. Then, put the Q-Tip inside the chamber, and scrub the outside threading using circular motions. 

Keep in mind this will likely require a little more effort and elbow grease than the dry herb cleaning process. Still, be gentle, as the chamber and all its parts are delicate. 

Patience is a virtue here. 

Finishing Up

To clean the bottom half of the pen, get another Q-Tip and -- you guessed it -- dampen it with alcohol. Then, focusing only on the threading, gently clean it. Whatever you do, now is the time to avoid cleaning the interior of the chamber. 


Because it's the home of the coil, which can easily get damaged. 

Once you're satisfied with your efforts, put everything back together and call your friends over for a smoke break. 

Keep Your Weed Electronic Cigarettes Sparkling

Even if you're not especially known for your ability to keep things clean, it's important to take care of your vape pens and e-cigs to ensure they last as long as possible. 

Thanks to the advice in this post, you'll enjoy better hits, easier pen and e-cig assembly, and bolder flavors. 

Want to learn more about what's going on in the world of weed? Need to stay up-to-date with the latest legalization news? Just looking for more tips on how to get the most out of your smoking experience? 

We've got you covered. Make every hit count by following our advice and connecting with our community. 

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