Guide: How to Vaporize Weed

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Guide: How to Vaporize Weed

Guide: How to Vaporize Weed

Medical marijuana is being recognized by more states in our country. If you smoke it for pain relief or to get high, you're doing it wrong. 

Vaporizing weed has its benefits such as it contains way fewer toxins than smoke. About 88% of the smoke inhaled contains lung irritants.

When vaped, the number is significantly reduced and you feel more of the effect of the weed, initiating a stronger high. Want to know how to vaporize weed? Read on to find out how but first, let's start out by knowing exactly what it is. 

What Is Vaporized Weed?

Instead of inhaling smoke, you'll be inhaling vapor or steam. When weed is vaporized, it's heated to a temperature just below the combustion point. 

This reduces the carcinogens and tar released when you traditionally smoke marijuana. Instead of constantly burning as it would with a joint, vaporized weed stays heated at an appropriate temperature. 

Why Vapor?

Unlike vapor, when you choose to light up a joint, it can get heated to over 2,000 degrees. That's what is going into our lungs so, in words of long-term effects, vapor is better. When smoked, it releases more harmful toxins.

The added benefits of vapor are listed below.


Vapor allows the release of cannabinoids, the chemical that gives you the feeling of a high. There are a few different types of cannabinoids but the most common ones are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). 

What's the Difference?

THC is psychoactive, meaning it has an effect on the mind. Marijuana with high levels of it can cause paranoia and anxiety if smoked regularly. 

CBD is the complete opposite. It's non-psychoactive so it doesn't affect the mind, therefore, you won't become high from smoking it. 

How to Vaporize Weed

First, if you don't have one already, you'll need a vape kit. Starter sets normally come with a refillable tank and rechargeable battery. Once you have that, let's move on to the first step on how to vaporize weed.

Step One

Fill the tank with about five grams or so of ground weed. Be sure the tank is put on properly. No weed should spill out when tipped. 

Step Two

Turn on the vaporizer. Most will automatically heat up to around 338 degrees, which is the ideal temperature. If yours doesn't, set it to that degree. 

Step Three

Wait for the vaporizer to reach the appropriate temperature. Once it's ready, go ahead and start inhaling.

Just remember to breathe normally and take shallow breaths. If you take it in too quickly, it can cause you to cough and irritate the throat. 

Cleaning Your Tank

When you're done, you'll need to give your tank a good cleaning to prevent bacteria build-up and get rid of old marijuana. Here are the tips on how to clean your tank properly.

Rinse Method

Rinse your tank under running water in the sink. Place on a paper towel then fill up a cup or bowl with warm to hot water. 

Once you have that, go ahead and place your tank in the cup or bowl. Let it soak for about two minutes. 

Take it out and wipe it dry with a paper towel. It's good to go. 

Use Baking Soda or Vinegar

To get those little granules out of the creases of your tank, use baking soda. It'll help lift the leftover marijuana out. 

Vinegar is another option for cleaning the tank but be warned: Don't leave it sitting in there for extended periods of time. You need to rinse it right away or you'll be tasting and smelling vinegar all day. 

Try an Ultrasonic Cleaner

A little on the pricey side, this will effectively clean your tank and sanitize it at the same time. Simply place it inside the machine and press a button. 

Replace Your Tank

For when your tank can't be saved by cleaning, buy a replacement tank. If there's a lingering smell or you start to notice build-up, it's time to get a new one. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Whether you plan on vaping daily or monthly, there are a few things to remember next time you fill up the tank. Take a look at these safety measures. 


Make sure the weed is finely ground so it'll pack neatly in the tank. If not, it won't be able to let hot air pass. 

To prevent burning, don't allow the vaporizer to reach any temperature above 392 degrees. Anything below that temperature is better since the cannabinoids are vaporized at 285 degrees. 

More Facts About Weed

Now that you know how to vaporize weed, let's go a little more in-depth into how marijuana can benefit you. Here are the facts. 

Treats Nausea

From those suffering from nausea alone or who have received chemotherapy due to cancer with nausea as a side effect, marijuana can help. Even those with the occasional upset stomach can use marijuana to relieve their symptoms. 

Helps With Depression

One out of ten people lives with depression. Marijuana can help offset the effect of depression when vaped. 

Comes in a Concentrated Liquid Formula

This is more concentrated than your average weed derived straight from the plant source. It's made through a process that involves the buds being soaked in alcohol

Once soaked for about two weeks, it's then strained. What is left is the natural material in liquid form. 

Highly concentrated, this product should only be used wisely. Depending on the type you choose, those liquid formulas with high levels of THC can be dangerous. Ingesting too much of it can cause a black out or sickness. 

Those with higher levels of CBD are better as it's non-psychoactive. When inhaled, CBD goes to the immune system, rather than the brain. It's far less dangerous when concentrated. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you use marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, it's best to know the right way to use it. We've learned that vaporized weed is better than smoking as it doesn't release nearly as many toxins. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about how to vaporize weed, check out our latest products .

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