What's the Best CBD Oil Near Me?

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What's the Best CBD Oil Near Me?

If you've used CBD oil before, you know that there really isn't a 'one size fits all' option. But that's okay- that's what makes its use a fun, unique process! 
Before you ask Siri "Where's the closest CBD oil near me?", you should reconsider. Instead, consider asking "What's the best CBD oil near me?". 
Hemp oil comes in various forms and dosage sizes. Since it may be a little confusing, we've compiled some information to know before making that next e-liquid purchase. 
Read on to learn what to look for when searching "best CBD oil near me".

Determine Your Preferences

Ultimately, determining the best hemp oil for you comes down to figuring out your preferences. The two biggest factors to consider are:

  • How do you prefer to consume the oil?
  • What dosage do you need?

There are many ways to consume CBD oils, from the convenience of vaping to fast-acting gels and pastes. As for your dosage, it all boils down to your own body and what you can handle. The great part about CBD oil is that you can't really overdo it and consume too much. Since CBD oil is mostly free from THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis), you feel much less psychological effect.

How Will I Consume The Oil?

If you prefer droplets, you are among the vast majority of CBD oil consumers. Drops allow you to administer the hemp oil from virtually any setting. They are convenient and as easy as swallowing. 

However, many prefer to use their CBD oil in a vaporizer as they are also very convenient. Those who vape typically feel its effects in very little time after inhaling.

Also, a little less commonly people opt to use gels or pastes. These are great because they are of much higher concentration than the above options. 

Although, they are much harder to consume away from home than the other two methods. They run the risk of melting so they aren't ideal to be used outside of your home. 

What Dosage Do I Need? 

The appropriate dosage size all boils down to your own body and what you can handle. 

The great part about CBD oil is that you can't really overdo it and consume too much. Since CBD oil is mostly free from THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis), you feel much less psychological effects.  

Although smoking joints pose few actual side effects, you can still get the feeling that you are "too high". Luckily with CBD oil, this is never really the case. You can consume more than anticipated and still feel totally okay. 

Strength of CBD Oil 

Different forms of CBD oil have different levels of potency. The strength of an oil's potency can be measured in two ways: 

  • Concentration: The higher the concentration levels, the more potent a hemp oil will be.
  • The amount of cannabidiol (CBD) within the product; CBD oil is high cannabidiol and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Usually, cannabidiol ranges between 1% and 26% of the oil. 

One final note to make about CBD oil is that its purity needs to be evaluated. Often times, you will find extra additives within cheaper oils. 

CBD oil essentially comes from a plant, typically from a farmland. That means it is likely that fertilizers and pesticides could have contaminated.

Luckily, you can buy products that have been tested to determine purity levels. You will need to ask the producers of the oil to show proof, which they likely have on hand. 

Cheaper is Not Always Better 

As with most things in life, taking the less expensive route won't always get you the best results. 

Less expensive CBD oils are less concentrated and pure than costlier oils. To produce pure, highly concentrated oil, you will need a large amount of hemp. 

Unlike other products with low-cost alternatives, cheap CBD oil doesn't quite serve its purpose.

It doesn't do the consumer well to use inexpensive CBD oil as it doesn't pose much value. You won't be able to reap the benefits of hemp oil as cheap cannabidiol lacks on the main ingredients needed for a functional product. 

When you Google, "Best CBD oil near me", you may be bombarded with cheap suppliers. It may seem like the easy route out, but we would recommend against going for the least expensive option. 

You should review each company and its products before purchasing. This ensures you're purchasing from someone who's reputable and you're getting a good bang for your buck. 

What to Watch Out For 

False Claims 

Going off the last point that cheaper isn't better, we should make note of other items to be wary about. 

Some companies will boast about all of the miraculous things their products cure. "Our oil has proven to cure cancer/diabetes/tumors/etc.". 

It's no doubt that CBD oil near me is highly effective in treating many conditions. But, you should be skeptical of products that claim to cure illnesses that you don't quite believe. 

As research develops, we can further pinpoint the exact effects of CBD oil. We know that it is an antioxidant that can alleviate the pain from several illnesses. 

Although the power of cannabidiol is quite noticeable, try to steer clear of anything that seems phony. They can be just as useless as using an inexpensive brand of hemp oil.

Source of Plants

Also, if you are sick and are using CBD oil, make sure your provider isn't using toxic solvents in their extraction process. 

Often, producers are extracting through butane, propane, and hexane. These hydrocarbon gases, especially butane, can lead to respiratory problems. This is why it's illegal to use. 

The best extraction method would be Supercritical CO2. The purity is much likelier to be retained as it is held by high-pressure and low-temperature carbon dioxide. 

Lastly, consider the source of the plant that your oil came from. Is is a Sativa plant? Indica? 

The type of plant combined with its conditions will have an effect on your CBD oil. The cannabis plant is a quick absorber, meaning it is prone to contaminants. 

Products that are certified as organic and wildcrafted will pose little risk. 


Now that you know what to look for, it's time to go find your "best CBD oil!". Lucky for you- you've come to the right place.

At Cloud 9 Hemp, we deliver to your door high-quality CBD products! Contact us to learn more about our CBD E-liquid, CBD vape oils, concentrates and more! 

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