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CBD Honey Sticks

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CBD Honey Sticks 

Delicious CBD Honey Sticks provide the perfect way to get your CBD anywhere. This sweet treat is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, whether eaten directly or put in a hot tea. Coming in a pack of 5, each stick is infused with 10mg of pure natural organic CBD.  CBD Infused Honey Sticks are composed of 100% natural CBD and all-natural honey.


Honey and industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD)

Eating CBD vs. Smoking CBD: Why Choose Edibles?

When it comes to ingesting cannabinoids such as CBD, most people would argue that eating is the way to go.  On average, consuming CBD through edibles lasts hours longer than doing so through smoking or vaporizing.  In addition, for individuals with eating or digestive disorders, ingesting CBD edibles can curb nausea and provide important calories, nutrients and even antioxidants.

We do not intend to sell or promote this product to minors.  You must be 18 years of age or older to use this product.  Our products contain no nicotine.  By accepting our terms and conditions at checkout means you are attesting your legal age being 18 or above. 

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