Wholesale Accounts

Interested in a wholesale account, white-labeling or our drop ship program?  Get in touch with us today!

If you're interested in wholesaling Cloud 9 Hemp please follow these instructions:

Create an account on our website

Email a copy of your business license to wholesale@cloud9hemp.com

Once your account is approved we'll send you a notification via email.  You'll be able to log back into our website to view wholesale pricing and place your order.  The minimum initial order to qualify for wholesale pricing is $300.  Please note if minimum initial order of $300 is not met, order may be declined. After your initial order you may order as much or as little as needed to replenish your stock anytime with no minimums.

The demand for CBD is growing immensely and savvy consumers are buying from trusted, well known labels that ensure the purest and highest concentrations of CBD.  At Cloud 9 Hemp we only buy the highest and purest grade of CBD on the market.  Our premium gold label CBD is sourced from a specific strain of hemp known for its high cannabidiol potency.  Its then laboratory tested in the United States to ensure the highest and purest concentration of CBD on the market. Cloud 9 Hemp knows and understands that hemp derived CBD extract, which comes as a thick tar like substance, is extremely difficult and expensive to work with.  That’s why Cloud 9 Hemp is proud to support local business around the world by offering our premium line of e-juice / e-liquids, pure CBD concentrates, tinctures and Mixologist Blend in bulk wholesale.  

CBD (cannabidiol) offers the full spectrum of health benefits found in medical cannabis but without the side effects of THC. While we cannot make claims as to the effects of CBD, Cannabidiol oil, or hemp CBD oil, we are advocates and recommend searching independently for the benefits of CBD. Please note that Cloud 9 Hemp products do not contain THC and will not make anyone "high". Cloud 9 Hemp products are 100% legal in the USA.